Information and Guidelines

The following guidelines are given to the users of Hamphotos. 

1) is a web portal created for the free use of Licensed Radio Amateurs across the globe. 

2) High-resolution photos related to Amateur Radio (Ham Radio) can be uploaded to Hamphotos. The file sizes may be optimized for better performance of your page.

3) Photos related to other technology/hobby interests or general photos that may be of interest to the community can also be posted on your page.  However, the majority (at least 80%) of the photos shall be those related to Amateur Radio activities. This is not a personal photo album. Photographs unrelated to the hobby will be removed or kept hidden from the gallery by the Administrator.

4) You can delete the photos or albums from your page whenever you feel like. Hamphotos will not have any right on the photos you upload. We are just offering a good platform for you.

5) Only those registered users who log in to Hamphotos can see the contact details of other users. Only logged-in users can comment or copy the photo link to share.

6) We request you to keep your page in an organized and presentable form. Towards this, the facility for the creation and naming of albums has been provided.

7) You can also post Embedded Video Links from YouTube, Vimeo, and Instagram on your page. Kindly restrict to short videos related directly to the subject. A maximum of 15 video links can be posted on your page. A facility for uploading MP3 audio files (such as QSO recordings) is also provided.

8) Please avoid creating an account and keeping it there without uploading photographs. Such inactive, redundant accounts might get re-grouped or removed from the site over a period of time.

9) The product details you see under “Products” are just links that lead you to the respective websites. Many useful links related to the hobby are given under “Explore”.

10) Information on Hamphotos ownership

Hamphotos is a proprietary concern owned by a family of second and third-generation Radio Amateurs based in India. The present responsibility is with K G Girish Babu, VU2KGB (Indian Amateur Radio License No: 10040). The product development, upkeep, and maintenance are under a long-term contract with M/s Webandcrafts, a 280+ employee company located within a Government-owned IT Park Special Economic Zone in Kerala, India. 

During the registration, we are collecting your Name, Call Sign, and an E mail ID. Your address may get added to your page from our database. The grid location is optional. These personal data along with the passcode you create are stored in encrypted form. The server is currently located in Google Cloud. 

You may also go through our Privacy Policy where our aim is to get aligned to GDPR standards as far as possible.


Hamphotos is created and offered based on a deep passion for Photography and Amateur Radio as two great hobbies. This is not a commercial venture. 

Please read our Privacy Policy also.

Log in and enjoy

File: HP/I&G Version 3.1 Dated 17th June 2022

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